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The after-effects from Cannes were only just wearing off, that Bhindi Baazaar has then again found itself in the limelight by being showcased at the 67th Venice Film Festival that runs from the 1st to 11th September 2010 at Venice Lido.

The Venice Film festival has always aimed to raise awareness and promote various aspects of international cinema in all its forms: as art, entertainment and as an industry. Bhindi Baazaar, has now set out to create its mark at the festival and to etch a position for itself in the minds of global cinema lovers all around the world. The type of exposure Bhindi Baazaar will amass at this platform will help not only create a strong buzz among the international
and Indian audiences about the movie but also speak volumes of films arising from a niche category.

There is so much to learn from such platforms, right from production values to creating a strong presence in the global market. Its a major boon for films with a non-commercial background to cash in on the international recognition in order to create a standing for themselves in the Hindi film industry. An industry that thrives on commercial cinema can then reap benefits from non-commercial films with a strong international backing.
The British Graduate 100 Awards.

Producer Karan Arora of Highground Enterprise was among the esteemed panel of judges of British Graduate 100, 2010.

Highground Enterprise sponsored the category "MEDIA, FILM & ARTS" of Graduate 100.


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