Chief architect of HGEL 38-year old Karan Arora is a business prodigy whose expertise and vision in media & entertainment domain straddling Indo-UK markets originated with the [...]

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  Cinema, one of the grandest media of expression the world has seen, is supposed to trangress geographical boundaries, gender, religion and above all, expression. It has been a medium that has over [...]
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  Film making is a HIGH... It can either elevate you to the heights of success, or down you the drains of losses and despair. Trust me, it’s all a risky bet! If you thought investing in a film was a child`s play, think [...]
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  When Michael Edward Palin called the Wagha Border ceremony a 'Carefully Choreographed Contempt', awed I was, not only at the audacity of one of the World’s most renowned travel documentarians [...]
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  WRONGED I WAS WITH MY PREJUDICE about film scripts on India and Pakistan, till I actually heard the Premise of this story for the first time.KYA DILLI, KYA LAHORE [...]
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  The after-effects from Cannes were only just wearing off, that Bhindi Baazaar has then again found itself in the limelight by being showcased at the 67th Venice [...]
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  The just concluded Cannes Film Festival is the trading and showbiz mecca for film fraternity around the globe. At some time or the other, a lot of [...]
The British Graduate 100 Awards.

Producer Karan Arora of Highground Enterprise was among the esteemed panel of judges of British Graduate 100, 2010.

Highground Enterprise sponsored the category "MEDIA, FILM & ARTS" of Graduate 100.

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